We’ll be gradually compiling information here with links to excavation archives.

In the meantime, here is a little bit on our most recent May 2019 excavation.

2019 Excavation

We ran an excavation within the town walls, close to the north gate, between 27th April and 1st June. The aim was to re-investigate a 1924 trench, seeking to learn more about the origins and endings of the Roman town. We found the northern east-west street on the street grid, a series of late Roman buildings, evidence of antler working, and finally evidence of a second century furnace and possible blacksmith’s workshop.

You can explore the trench in this 3D model, produced by Dominic Powlesland of the Landscape Research Centre.

Listen to our podcast covering the excavation to find out more details!

Excavations at Aldborough 2019